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Baby Shanaya

Hello there and welcome to Camkaaj Photography!

We are a Mumbai based duo - Ketan & Sanket  - who specialize in what we call the "Circle of Life" photography - Pre Wedding Photography, Maternity Photography and Infant / Child / Sibling / Family Photography.

What started off as a weekend hobby, has turned out into a beautiful venture where we help families capture beautiful, yet fleeting memories and give them a form that will last forever. 

Our Approach

We want to be remembered as your partners in capturing your memories. We definitely do not want to be remembered as 'those-photographers-who-did-that-shoot-for-us'. We aspire to be artisans who you feel comfortable allowing around your family.

We understand that this is a very personal space and we will be able to do a good job only if everyone around is comfortable. To enable this, we have developed a four step end to end process that will let us do the best possible job that we can.

If required, we can even bring our studio to you. This however is situation dependent.

Step # 1

Understanding your expectations.

This is probably the most important step in the whole process. This is the first step in our journey towards capturing the delicate moments of your life. Also known as the pre-shoot consulting, this meeting should ideally be planned a week before the main shoot day. This would give you enough time to ponder over the discussion and make any changes before the shoot commences.

We want this discussion to be a candid and free flowing chat between you and us. Some of the things which get discussed during this meeting are:

- concepts that you may have, and / or our recommendations

- what to wear and what not to wear

- how to prepare for the shoot day - basics to keep in mind

- scheduling - in the case of infants this is critical, as everything will revolve around their schedule

- Budget - very important. We won't discuss this till you ask us to, but it is important to get this out of the way.. We want you to know that your hard earned money is being spent and not wasted.

- What for lunch (lol jk. Maybe not.)

These are just some of the things we have discussed with folks around. There could be more, but we should plan about 2 hours for this meeting and preferably at the venue where we want to shoot.

Step # 2

The Shoot

Now this is where the fun begins. (No seriously it does!)

Once we know what you expect, it is easier to get started. We will work around your schedule. We usually do not come with a fixation on the number of hours we will shoot for, but in our experience an infant shoot can take anywhere from 6-10 hours. A pre- wedding shoot will take about 4-6 hours and a maternity shoot should ideally be wrapped in 4 hours or lesser keeping in mind the comfort of the mother to be.     

Step # 3


This is the stage where we will shortlist from hundreds of photos to deliver the first cut of 40-50 photos for you to choose from. In our experience, in an 8 hour shoot, we take any where from 600  - 800 photos. Sorting through this mountain will take us about 3-4 days after which we will give you an initial shortlist of low resolution images.

We will share a website link that is accessible only by you, and you can tell us which images you liked. Once we have this list, we will work on getting the print ready images to you.

Step # 4

Delivery and Feedback

After about 10-12 days of the shoot, we will be ready with the print ready images for you to use as you please. Hang them in your homes, offices, keep a copy in your wallet or on your phones.

And everytime you look at those photos, we hope you think of us warmly. THAT is our goal.

And while this step is optional for you, it is critical for us. Please let us know what you thought of the entire process. Nothing matters more to us that your honest feedback. We truly deeply madly appreciate it.

Got more questions? Don't hesitate!

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