Shooting with Shanaya - CamKaaj Photography

Shanaaya is a lovely, playful and extremely interactive child. We worked with her when she was just about to turn 5 months old.

When Shanaaya's parents approached CamKaaj, they had a very simple brief for us. "Capture Shanayaa in all her moods ". When parents give us a simple brief, and trust us enough to not mess it up, it encourages us to work even harder to make them happy.

We reached Shanaaya's house early in the morning, with a few concepts that we thought would work really well. But Shanaaya had other plans. While she jolly well played with us through out, she made sure we took pictures that she wanted us to. None of our concepts worked out the way we had imagined, and Sanket and I had to improvise on our feet. Out went the elaborate sets, and cutouts and costumes! In came Shanaaya's toys and her moods.

We worked all morning and throughout the afternoon, pausing here and there as per her schedule. When we were done, it was late evening, yet the child was as playful as she was in the morning. She is a delight to work with. 

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